Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ericameria nauseosa- Rabbit Brush

One of the easiest plants to grow in the Inter-mountain West is Ericameria nauseosa-Rabbitbush or Rubber Rabbitbrush. It can be found growing along roads and highways in the Rockies and Great Plains regions. These areas tend to be very hot and dry with changing levels of soil quality. If such areas exist in your garden then they are a great place for this shrub. It can survive in other areas but this is where it does best and where it can be fully utilized. In fact if you have an area in your landscape that you don't have sprinklers or your don't plan on installing any than that is a great place for this plant.

Rabbitbrush is quite beautiful in the fall when it blooms yellow. It also combines well in the landscape with other drought tolerant plants like Penstemons, Four O'Clocks, and Yuccas.

Rabbitbrush can and should be pruned back yearly if you have it in an area in your yard where you need it to behave. Especially if it is getting water on a regular basis. The more water it gets the bigger it gets. If not pruned it will get large and overcrowded. The best times to prune this plant is after its yellow color has faded in the late fall or in the early spring. There are advantages to both times. If you prune it in the fall you can dispose of its seeds before they spread. It can be irritating to do it this time of the year though because those seeds love to blow all over the place and tend to go right up your nose! The advantage of pruning it in the spring is you don't have to deal with the seeds flying all over the place.

When pruning it should be sheered back to the ground. It tolerates this drastic pruning cut well and will grow vigorously from the crown of the plant. When it grows back it will do so in a nice rounded shape.

Height: 1-7 ft (around 2-3ft when pruned yearly)
Width: 2-6ft
Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: August-October
Deer Resistant
Water: Once established it can survive on rainfall alone


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